Since 2001 the MARCARIAN LAW FIRM has represented clients in a wide variety of business, commercial or corporate lawsuits. The Marcarian attorneys are experienced litigators in all areas of business or corporate litigation including breach of contract, business torts, breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder disputes, corporate malfeasance and the like.

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Here are a few recent samples of how we have helped our clients:

In March, 2015, the Marcarian Law Firm successfully obtained a dismissal of a lawsuit brought by a plaintiff, an attorney, against one of its clients, a real estate brokerage firm. Plaintiff sued several other defendants including a major Korean construction company; RE/MAX Holdings, Inc.; East West Bank; Hanmi Bank; and Hanmi Financial Corp. Plaintiff’s complaint alleged claims including claims for money laundering and unlawful debt under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”). After removing the action to the United States District Court for the Central District of California, the Marcarian Law Firm successfully challenged the plaintiff’s complaint and obtained a dismissal of the plaintiff’s entire lawsuit against its client. According to the plaintiff’s complaint, some of the defendants allegedly engaged in a business venture, wherein they would buy steel in South Africa and sell it in Asia. Following the failure of the business venture, and after years of litigation, plaintiff sued several defendants and sought recovery of money for losses he allegedly had suffered. The Marcarian Law Firm was able to obtain the dismissal of the plaintiff’s lawsuit less than only four (4) months after the plaintiff filed his complaint. The very prompt dismantling of the plaintiff’s lawsuit by the Marcarian Law Firm helped its client avoid protracted litigation and, as a result, saved substantial sums of money for the client.

In September 2009, in a jury trial that lasted nearly four weeks, the MARCARIAN LAW FIRM successfully defended a Los Angeles business in a lawsuit in which the plaintiff was seeking over $9 million in damages. Among other things, this complex corporate litigation also involved alleged environmental contamination of a commercial property. The Marcarian attorneys obtained a favorable result for their clients when the jury returned defense verdicts on 3 out of 4 causes of action and only awarded the plaintiff a token amount of damages on the fourth cause of action. Overall, the MARCARIAN LAW FIRM provided an extremely successful defense in this highly contentious lawsuit.

In February 2008, the MARCARIAN LAW FIRM obtained a favorable settlement from one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in the U.S. on behalf of two pharmacists. According to the lawsuit, the defendant pharmaceutical wholesaler committed multiple violations of state and federal laws governing the distribution of prescription drugs, resulting in a significant monetary loss to the pharmacists.

In December 2007, the MARCARIAN LAW FIRM obtained a substantial* settlement on behalf of one of its clients in a derivative shareholder lawsuit involving a dispute between the shareholders of a closely held corporation. The lawsuit alleged that the minority shareholders engaged in self-dealing in violation of their fiduciary duties, and breached their duties of loyalty to the majority shareholders and the corporation by misappropriating trade secrets for their personal gain.

* Results are dependent on the facts of each individual case and will vary according to each case.

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