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A hospital’s purpose is to heal patients. That is not always the case, unfortunately. As a result, the hospital staff may cause further harm due to their negligent actions. When medical malpractice is inevitable, and you get dealt with a lousy deck of cards, our Woodland Hills medical malpractice attorneys at Marcarian Law Firm will be ready to help you recover total compensation for their negligence.

What Types of Medical Malpractice Claims Do We Work On?

Medical malpractice may occur in some particular areas of medicine more often than other areas of medicine, but any area that deviates away from the ethical medical standard can result in medical malpractice. The most common types of medical malpractice claims include the following:

  • Childbirth injuries: A result of inadequate prenatal care, improper use of forceps, excessive force removing the baby from the birthing canal, failure to recognize fetal distress, failure to perform a necessary C-Section, and mishandling a baby.
  • Failure to treat: Discharging the patient too soon, not properly providing the patient with follow-up care, not ordering the correct medical tests to be done, and not factoring in the patient’s medical history.
  • Prescription drug errors: This can happen when prescribing the wrong medication, prescribing too much or too little of dosage, not recognizing the potentially dangerous drug interactions and allergic reactions, and not recognizing the signs of drug abuse, addiction, or overdose.
  • Surgical or procedural errors: Negligent actions of performing surgery on the wrong body part, performing surgery on the wrong person, reactions to anesthesia, and leaving a medical tool inside the patient.
  • Misdiagnosis: It is very common for a patient to be diagnosed with the wrong illness. The doctor may even fail to properly examine the patient and conclude that the patient does not have an illness. Resulting in the patient not receiving the treatment they need for their condition.
  • Delayed diagnosis: This is similar to a misdiagnosis, but it differs because the doctor later diagnosed the patient with the correct illness after incorrectly diagnosing them. Allowing the condition to worsen due to failure of receiving the necessary treatment.

According to Johns Hopkins researchers, the third leading cause of death in this country is medical errors.

Proving Your Medical Malpractice Case

An experienced Woodland Hills medical malpractice lawyer will use these three elements to provide evidence to support your medical malpractice case:

  1. Determining negligence by hiring top-of-the-line medical professionals to review your records to identify whether the medical conduct was inappropriate.
  2. Proving that your injuries were a result of the doctors’ negligent actions.
  3. Your attorney will have to prove any damages. Damages may look different for every case. You, your family, and your friends will be interviewed to determine how the injuries have affected your life. Medical experts may even be called to testify for your condition.

We Can Help Your Prove That You Have Suffered Due To A Doctors’ Negligent Actions

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries because of a doctor’s negligent actions, consult a medical malpractice attorney in the Woodland Hills area to get started working on your case. At the Marcarian Law Firm, the goal of our Woodland Hills medical malpractice attorneys is to prove you have been injured due to a negligent doctor. Contact us today by clicking here or calling us at 818-995-8737 to discuss how we can help you.

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