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Without the California and federal employment laws, employees’ rights would not be protected. Employers often take advantage of their employees who are not informed about their rights at work. The employees may let the unfair treatment continue because of fear of losing their job. At Marcarian Law Firm, our Woodland Hills employment law attorneys work diligently to prove that your rights as an employee are being violated.

The Various Types of Employment Rights

Some regulations prevent employers from exploiting their employees. The following are some of the employment laws:

  • Workers’ compensation laws: It covers any injuries or illnesses you might suffer from work.
  • Labor relations laws: Addresses employment contracts, minimum wage, meals, breaks, overtime, and sick leave.
  • Workplace safety laws: OSHA mandates that your employee adheres to providing safe work conditions.
  • Family and medical leave laws: It specifies how much time off you’re legally allowed for child adoption, caring for sick family members, and maternity and paternity leave.
  • Child labor laws: Enforces employers to follow the federal law against abuse of child laborers.
  • Immigration laws: Following protocol regarding H-1 B Visas, 1-9 forms, employment eligibility verification, and permanent residency cards.
  • Civil rights laws: Protects workers from employers discriminating against them for sex, color, religion, age, disability, national origin, and race.
  • Sexual harassment: Any unwelcome verbal or physical sexual advances or requests that an employer may attempt to force their employee to do as part of their employment contract.
  • Wrongful termination: Employees are protected from being laid off for reporting sexual harassment, complaining about wage fraud, and discriminatory reasons.

What Roles Can Employment Attorneys Play?

An employment lawyer in Woodland Hills can defend the employer or the employee. The attorneys will offer several different services to prevent potential employment claims, including:

  • Informing employees about their rights regarding medical accommodations and leaves of absence.
  • Preparing separation agreements
  • Negotiating separation agreements
  • Drafting employee contracts and offer letters
  • Conducting investigations of the employees’ workplace
  • Helping employers with implementing workforce reductions
  • Instruction managers on how to maintain a lawful workplace
  • Consulting with employers about drug and alcohol testing
  • Advising employers to perform a risk analysis in regards to post-employment restrictive covenants
  • Informing employers about termination issues and employee discipline
  • Help employers prepare for employee handbooks, policies, procedures, and consistently update these documents.

Employment law cases are preventable with fair workplace practices.

Why You Should Hire Our Team of Woodland Hills Employment Law Attorneys

At Marcarian Law Firm, we are committed to working for your rights as an employee and securing the compensation you deserve for any unlawful workplace treatment you have experienced. Our focus is on attempting to avoid disputes, seeking prompt resolutions to disputes, crafting efficient litigation strategies, and securing the compensation you are entitled to. When you need a Woodland Hills employment law attorney by your side to fight for your employment rights, we guarantee to be there when you decide to reach out to us.

If you or someone you care about is facing employment law issues, contact us through our website by clicking here or calling us at 818-995-8787.

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